Replacement Windows: What are your choices?

When it comes time to change your house windows, it will be a very good idea to sit down and have a good think things before jumping into the market for prices.

But what exactly should you be thinking about? Here is our 5 minute guide.

Material for the frames

The main choices are:

  1. UPVC
  2. Aluminium
  3. Timber

UPVC is a good choice as it costs less to make UPVC windows than hardwood or aluminium. it’s also going to last along time without having to worry about having to paint it every year.

Aluminium windows are very sleek and cab have much thinner frames than uPVC windows. They look amazing, but can be bit pricey.

Hardwood windows are also on the pricey side. You will also need to give them lots of TLC to keep them in tip-top shape and get them to last 20 years or more.

Energy efficiency

Replacement WindowsIdeally, your windows should be saving you money on your heating bills. How good they are at dong this is going to be found by looking at the window rating. The WER, or window energy rating, will identify the performance by means of a colour coded and alphabetic label.

A++ are the highest rated, G the lowest. B-rated windows are perfectly adequate for most situations, and usually cost less than A++ rated. C rated windows are the lowest rating to meet building regulations.


Who supplies & fits your double glazing can make a big difference. A bad job is exactly what you want to avoid. look for suppliers to give quotes in writing and they should also be accredited by FENSA,  CERTASS,  DGCOS or GGF.

Good luck & happy hunting.

What Choices are There For Replacement Windows?