Double Glazing: What is Double Glazing & why use UPVC?

I’m sure everybody knows what double glazing is by now. But for those of you who are yet to be “initiated”, double glazing is the act of adding an extra layer of glass to a single glazed window – simple.

These days, a double glazed replacement window has quite a bit of technology involved in making it energy efficient & secure.

Why use UPVC Replacement Windows?

UPVC Double GlazingNot an unreasonable question and the answer is in the plural.

  1. UPVC is light – easy to handle and to work with.
  2. It’s an insulating material in its own right.
  3. Won’t rot or get attacked by insects, such as woodworms / wood lice.
  4. Very durable and lasts a long time.
  5. recyclable – do your bit for the environment.
  6. relatively cheap when compared to hardwood & aluminium replacement windows.
  7. Plentiful supply of manufacturers & installers
  8. also comes in different colours, not just white.

By using UPVC for your new double glazed windows, you are making your home more attractive, more secure & more energy efficient. We think, that these 3 elements are the most important.

Who would not want to have windows that help save money on energy bills, keep you and your family safer and make a home more desirable?

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Why Install UPVC Double Glazing?